Meganisi is a beautiful traditional island which is placed in the south east side of Lefkada, next to the well-known island of Scorpios, the island of Aristotelis Onasis and current owner Dmitry Rybolovlev. It constitutes the biggest island from a cluster of islands (Scorpion, Skorpidi, Kythros, and more). The Ionian Sea, the green landscapes, the amazing views allover around the island along with the fishing boats, traditional greek taverns and the narrow pathways between the houses create a unique escaping atmosphere.

Meganisi has plenty of beautiful beaches but also caves like Papanikoli, Giovanni and more.

It is constituted by three traditional villages.

  Spartochori, Katomeri




and Vathy

each one with its own beauty...


Meganisi is full of green hills and with crystal clear and beautiful beaches such as: Limonari, Atherinos, Fanari, Spilia, Ai Giannis, Ambelaki, Loutrolimni but also caves such as Papanikolis, Giovanni etc.

Meganisi offers local transportation with regular transportation services which makes the access to the 3 villages very easy.

The visitors can access the island by ferry boat from Nydri(Lefkada) or by water taxi.

During the ferry-boat trip that lasts 25 minutes, the visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views with the numerous islets scattered around Meganisi such as Madouri that belongs to the family of the greek poet Valaoritis and Scorpios, a wellknown island because of Onassis family back then and Rybolovlev family nowadays.

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